Sarah Routman

Sarah Routman – Laugh for the Health of It, LLC – DBA Serious Giggles

Sarah has a BA in English, a BFA in Photography and a Master’s in Adult Education.  After teaching high school English and Drama for 10 years, and running 2 non-profits for 18 years, Sarah is now a Leadership Instructor and a Wellness Champion at the University of Minnesota.  She has trained in Reiki and Reflexology and cares deeply about health and wellness. As a certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher, she has presented countless Laughter Yoga sessions for corporations such as the Grand Hyatt Hotel, MOM Brands, and Best Buy, laughed with nurses, teachers, professionals, seniors, college students, families with young children, hospice patients and Holocaust Survivors.  Sarah has led sessions for the Minnesota Jail Programmers, the MN Hospice and Palliative Care Conference and the National Wellness Conference. She has been featured at Health Conferences and Trainings, Women’s Retreats, Fund Raising Events and Humor Festivals.

She inspires others to lead happier, healthier, more meaningful lives through laughter, which ultimately helps them to unlock their full potential.  She has shared laughter with thousands of people all over the world and can’t wait to give you the giggles!  Sarah created LAUGHTER DOODLES: A Coloring Book that Makes You Happier to combine the health benefits of both coloring and laughter for a heightened coloring experience that unleashes your own creativity and leaves you more energized and optimistic. The second book in the series, LAUGHTER DOODLES: A Coloring Book to Inspire You, is a pocket-size book of laughter quotes to color. Now you can literally ‘Carry laughter with you wherever you go!’ (quote by Hugh Sidey)

Let’s Laugh – It’s HEALTHY!

You’ve never had so much fun as you’ll have with Sarah as you let your inhibitions go and laugh like you’ve never laughed before! Experience all the health benefits of laughter as you LOL (laugh out loud!). Guaranteed to not only massage your organs and get your blood flowing, but laughing will make your abs hurt and stretch your smile muscles, too! We’ll be playful and silly as we weave our way through Smile-Ups, love yourself laugh, and other laughter exercises designed to give you and your funny bone a work out. There will be enough stretching and breathing throughout to keep everyone from getting winded.  If you work hard at allowing the laughter to flow, better health is guaranteed.  You’ll have so much fun this will become a healthy habit in no time. We’ll throw in the history of Laughter Yoga and end with a laughter meditation to get your giggles on! Come as you are – leave healthier and happier! You’ll be sharing laughter with everyone you meet after this energizing session! Bonus: No special clothes or yoga mat required!

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Sarah Routman